5 de julio de 2010

Diego en ClevverTV

Les dejo el video y lo que se dice en él más abajo que le hicieron a Diego en ClevverTV, ¡disfrútenla!

Pretty Little Liars is TV's hottest new show - we've got news on the cute guy joining the cast - up next!

Hi friends, I'm Joslyn Davis for ClevverTV.

Pretty Little Liars is getting some new eye candy on set and on the show. 90210 hottie Diego Boneta will be joining the lady-filed cast very soon.

The actor will join the show as Alex, a normal guy who is a tennis player who works at the country club. He meets Troian's character, Spencer, and despite her parents discontent, the pair start hanging out and dating. So far, he's set to appear in 5 episodes, but initially it was only supposed to be 3, so maybe they'll just keep on upping his role.

Like I said, you've seen Diego before, on 90210, where he played Javier, a musician and love interest to Adrianna's character. Plus, this talented guy is also somewhat of a spanish singing sensation himself. One of his songs, Siempre Tu, will be played on an upcoming Homecoming episode of Pretty Little Liars.

So who else is looking forward to Diego joining our favorite new TV show? Give us your full review right here. For more PLL scoop, stick with us here at ClevverTV and make sure to hit us up over at facebook.com/clevverTV. I'm Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching!

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