6 de mayo de 2010

Lyrics "One More Time"

A: Sparks fly like an electric shock pushing through my veins
when we touch, like I never want to stop,do you feel that way?
J: Her eyes when they meet with mine is she aware
that I wanna hold her tight cuz theres something there
J: Its Gone
A: Its past
J: We both know its never coming back
A: Thats done
AJ: Thats over
A: does he still love me?
J: Do I still love her?
AJ: One more time can we just give it one more try
A: To love and be together like the first time
AJ: No love, we cant love, no love, we cant love
A: Dont back it up
J: Not this time
AJ: We love to love, can we love to love
Cant love you like the first time
Please love me like the first, first time

Gracias a la chica que lo puso en youtube.

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